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Triple Easy Steps to Reach Online Money

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1 . Create An Account

Less than one minute you'll need, to create an account.

add bitcoins

2 . Create An Deposit

Create a deposit in a few moments. Very simple and easy.

buy and sell bitcoins

3 . Get Money

You can get your hourly earnings exactly one hour after your deposit.

about us


INVESTOBIZ is an investment club revolutionising the digital coin trading market through investment robots trading over 1000 crypto currencies. Despite appearances, cryptocurrency is a lot more than just a bunch of digital numbers that people have assigned monetary value to. Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin allow for a decentralised public ledger system, which is collectively known as the Blockchain. The cryptographic Blockchain technology is the power source behind Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and all the other bitcoin alternatives and is what makes them “cryptocurrencies”.

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strong security

Strong Security

Protection against DDoS attacks,
full data encryption

world coverage

World Coverage

Providing services in 99% countries
around all the globe

payment options

Payment Options

Popular methods: Perfect Money, Payeer,
Bitcoin, Litecoin and ...

mobile app

SSL Certificate

All website information is encrypted
for the security of users.

cost efficiency

Instant Payment

All payments are made automatically
and instantly.

high liquidity

cryptocurrency experts

We always use the best market
professionals to do trades.

our plans

We offer diverse and attractive plans for investment. Here you can see some examples.

    • 1.42 %

      FOR 72 HOURS

      MIN 20 USD

      MAX 499 USD

    • 1.47 %

      FOR 72 HOURS

      MIN 500 USD

      MAX 999 USD

    • 1.49 %

      FOR 72 HOURS

      MIN 1000 USD

      MAX 4999 USD

    • 1.51

      FOR 72 HOURS

      MIN 5000 USD


INVESTOBIZ designed and implemented a high-tech software to optimize cryptocurrency trades. With this tool, our traders are able to place thousands of mini transactions per minute, maintaining a very high accuracy and thus providing profit in the majority of our operations. Cryptocurrency Trading is the equivalent to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is possible to buy and sell various bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC.
At any given moment, the mind of a human can only observe a handful of indicators. A crypto-currency bot like Bitcoin is able to track and try every indicator constantly on every crypto coin. Bitcoin bots don't need rest and can be activated at any instant, allowing for more sound trades. You can rest assured that the bot will make a trade if there is a critical change .

Whats going on here


We provide secure money transfer services over the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network. There is a connection between you and your money, and our task is to keep this connection secret.


Our system requires dynamic funding to be implemented effectively. The money of our investors improves the performance of our services. The security of depositors' deposits is our core policy.


We will pay for using the service. This will enable us to work on developing our system and paying our investors their income. Experience cryptocurrency Online Business with us.

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